East North Church

Discover, Demonstrate, and Declare the Gospel.

Acts 3

In this weeks sermon, Pastor Todd teaches on Acts 3 and the importance of understanding the gospel in our own lives so that we can share the good news of the gospel with others.

Acts 2

Pastor Todd teaches on Acts 2

Acts 1

The Formation of the Church, part 1 - In the first chapter of Acts, Jesus promises his disciples empowerment through the Holy Spirit. This will enable them to be bold witnesses for the gospel in a progressively expanding effort to share the good news with the world. The disciples wait for God's next move in corporate prayer. 

Hunter Sipe teaches on the Great Commission

This Easter Sunday, Pastor Todd teaches on the validity and meaning of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Todd teaches this Palm Sunday service on the Triumphal Entry.

Pastor Todd teaches on Matthew 17:1-20

Hunter Sipe teaches on Matthew 16.

Pastor Todd teaches on Matthew 15:1-20.

Matthew 14- Week 24

Pastor Todd teaches on Matthew 14 and how Christ brings victory in our overwhelming moments. 

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